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Hi, my name is michael, but you most likely know me as cpillarie, like most people that know me from the web. In fact, I bet more people call me cpill or pillarie than people call me michael. I guess I could say I'm just another nerd out there that has made it to his first fan site. This site is one of many containing the name cpillarie. Enjoy this nexus of pure geeky awesomeness!'

I play alot of games online so you may have seen me playin a game on some online FPS game like Halo or somthing. For the games i do play, visit "About me".                           



This pic is to my number one  fan, and my best friend, Jake Taylor (doubled145, jakehizzle, solonly)
may the nerd that has accepted me and stayed with me for five years now; may he truely live long and prosper \V/, 

this is  my xfire gamming rig, chick out more at http://www.xfire.com/profile/cpillarie/ 








 song by Dragon force : Valley of the Damned